Launder Covers

The cover is designed to prevent sunlight from striking the launder and weir surfaces. The cover shall be molded of UV protected fiberglass. The cover shall be opaque to sunlight as well. The launder covers is built in multiple segments.

Fiberglass Stop Log

All FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) stop logs are manufactured of reinforced copolymer composite (fiberglass reinforced polyester), totally encapsulating an internal reinforcing structure. To protect and to assure maximum service life, the resin is treated with ultraviolet-stabilizers.

Fiberglass Enclosure

All-weather Fiberglass Insulated enclosures and Back Flow Boxes, are tough and corrosion resistant, light-weight, insulated to R-6.06 rating, easy to install, and maintenance free. They provide allweather protection from cold, heat, snow, rain, winds, saltspray, and dust.

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